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[ 05-November-2011 ]
Added new task report

Added new task report. Now project manager can easily control each employees tasks, what they were doing during the day, and how much time is spent on these tasks. Also these reports can be saved to a file or exported to MS Excell.


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30-August-2014 12:05 Seston:
These pieces really set a standard in the indsytru.
30-August-2014 09:29 Philly:
Ah yes, nicely put, evyeeonr.
30-August-2014 03:29 Lois:
A minute saved is a minute eanrde, and this saved hours!
05-November-2011 15:23 Дмитрий А.:
Спасибо за новый отчет, он кстати хорошо подходит на схему планирования задач - для наблюдения за ходом выполнения задач. Надеюсь что планирование задач тоже скоро появится в этой системе

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