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[ 02-November-2011 ]
New features

The tasks reports has been improved - they have become more obvious and easy to use. Fixed issues in popup hints, task spent time has been added. Added visual split by days in the report — in case task has begun in one day and finished in another. Also added filter of projects, now you can select projects directly in report. This changes also affected on common reports by users. Also this report can be exported to MS Excell.

There have also been eliminated, and other errors, and introduced new features to help manage the system. For example when the project is now possible to specify in addition to just the head of the project - artists and reviewers. Tasks can be created with any status - you can immediately assign the task of testing, such testing only if the details please functional.


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29-August-2014 21:43 Mitch:
Callnig all cars, calling all cars, we're ready to make a deal.
29-August-2014 17:41 Fanny:
And I was just wonniredg about that too!

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