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[ 21-September-2011 ]
Launched a unique system of data encryption.

Developed an innovative technology of data encryption SecureUser - all the information that resides on the server - personal data, projects, tasks, files and images, is encrypted by cryptographically strong 3DES c 160-bit key. This binary key is encrypted with a user password, which only knows the user and it is stored in the database only as a hash MD5. This means that no one can access the data and eliminates data loss, even with physical access to the database. Thus a unique encryption technology - and you can be sure that absolutely no one gets access to corporate data - information about users, projects and tasks, files, images, personal correspondence, and so on. The uniqueness of SecureUser is also in the fact that you are working with encrypted data as normal, but may at any moment to make sure that they are encrypted - just click on the icon "Lock" from the top site and the site would display the actual data from the database, without explanation.

Encryption is automatically enabled when switching to any package with a base - where the data is not encrypted, as in all other systems.

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26-October-2011 04:42 Lynsey:
A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this informiaotn.

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