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[ 16-September-2011 ]
New features

Now you can change the start page for your site. You can specify a description of the firm, insert images and files, specify seo-description for search engines, as well as to use for each language your content. Also running in test mode encryption of content - all the information, and file documents, personal information, etc. - will be encrypted. To decipher them may only users of the current project. Even with physical access to the database, it is impossible to get information. More details will be painted when you start the encryption mode for all users. We would like to note that this level of security of personal data has none of the existing project managers. There were also some errors in the code.

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26-August-2012 04:14 Jasemin:
That's a ncleiy made answer to a challenging question
09-October-2011 11:17 Ольга:
А можно ли добавить такую возможность, чтобы поменялся внешний вид стартовой станицы ???
05-October-2011 10:46 Petroaeroth:
перечитал весь блог, довольно неплохо

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