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[ 15-June-2011 ]
Added statistics for employees attendance

Added statistics for employees attendance . Now, regardless of the work on the tasks - fixing login time and the last action in the system. Based on these data plotted attendance chart, and, for comparison - total time in the system and the total time during this period, but spent on work on tasks. The report can be obtained for any period and for any combination of the selected users. Herewith the selected users list automatically saved, and with further work with this report - users will already be marked.


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17-September-2011 22:05 Bonner:
Grazi for mkiang it nice and EZ.
17-September-2011 22:05 Bobbo:
Knocked my socks off with konwldege!
16-September-2011 20:54 Kourtney:
I had no idea how to approach this before-now I'm locked and ldoead.

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