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[ 28-May-2011 ]
Added a new menu item - "Feedback"

Added a new menu item - "Feedback". On this page you can generate a link for the selected project and place the resulting code on any site, for example at the project site. It is not harder than set a usual counter on the site.


After that, on the site will appear form with pre-selected design. Through this form customers' wishes or errors, which found in the project, will go directly into the system to the projects managers.


If the manager has alerts - then he immediately receive a message on ICQ\e-mail about new messages. Further, based on the data entered, he may reject the message or create a problem or bug and appoint executors. This will save time and will allow us to remove bugs.

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17-September-2011 03:19 Heaven:
IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of thgins like that?
16-September-2011 18:21 Latricia:

That's really thniknig out of the box. Thanks!

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