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License agreement

This Agreement shall enter into force when you send the completed electronic registration form, or by selecting it and clicking the User options "agree" (or similar option).

1. The basic terms of the Agreement.
"User" - any physical or legal person (group of persons) registered on the Service and use it for non-commercial personal use, as well as any other person which has access to the Game and the Service.
"System" - a free online project management system "Projects Manager".
"Administration" - a group of persons vested with the necessary rights and powers of the owner of the game for conclusion of any agreements, additional contracts and so on., in the game frame to support and develop the Game and the Service.

"Agreement" – The rights of the Systems using and definition of responsibilities between the Administration of the Service the User.
2. General Provisions.
2.1. This agreement governs all relations between the Administration and the User in relation to the Game and Game Service.

2.2. By accepting this Agreement, acknowledges that it has capacity and law ability, and the right to enter into this Agreement, amendments and annexes, as well as others to conclude additional contracts, agreements, etc., to this Agreement between the Administration and the User under this Agreement.

Projects Manager paid service may use the legal capacity users over the age of majority.


3. Subject of the Agreement.
3.1. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Administration provides the user using the System 24 hours a day, every day, without interruption, in accordance with the Rules and this Agreement, except during maintenance work, as well as other circumstances that prevent the user from access to the system, arising not on the fault of the Administration.


4. Copyright. Protection of intellectual property.

4.1. The rights of authors, owners and other persons entitled to use the System, located at, belong to the administration ownership protected by law, and international law of  the protection of copyright and intellectual property rights.  

4.2. Copyright of the Administration shall apply to all elements of the system.
4.3. You may not copy, reproduce, reproduction, dissemination and translation into other languages, systems, and any of the elements without written permission of the Administration.

4.4. User acknowledges and agrees that any material (in whole or in part) and all the programs associated with the system are protected by intellectual property laws of Ukraine and other international laws, and agrees not to violate such rights.

4.5. The User responsible for the rights (tangible or intangible) of the third parties for information communicated (provided) to the Administration or any third party within the system.

5. The rights and obligations of the User
5.1. User’s rights.
5.1.1. The user guarantees that he used the equipment and communication facilities, including facilities used by the User operator are adequate and serviceable to participate in the system and use of the Service.

5.1.2. When registering user chooses a username and password, which will identify the user to other system users. For access to the paid service, User must confirm by clicking the User options "agree" (or similar option), a supplementary treaty for the purchase of paid service, as well as to inform the following reliable data about yourself: your user name, date of birth, e-mail address .



5.1.3. The user has the right to change his password.
5.1.4. The user can send complaints and suggestions related to the use of the System, in writing or by e-mail at the addresses listed on the site:

5.1.5. If the user is not accept any changes and / or supplements, he has the right immediately discontinue use of the Service.

5.1.6. The user has the discretion to use the paid services of the Game. User is allowed to paid services from the conclusion of a supplementary treaty to purchase the service and payment of paid services.

5.2. User Responsibilities
5.2.1. User shall at its own expense pays for Internet access. User has no right to transfer their registration (username and password) to a third party, and may not receive it from a third party.


5.2.2. User is obliged to provide non-disclosure (secrecy) of your password and other necessary data and, accordingly, is responsible for keeping and nondisclosure of your password and other confidential information, as well as all the risks (losses) associated with it.

5.2.3. User agrees to abide the terms of this Agreement. At the request of the Administration User must inform about itself about the true information, which allows identification.

5.2.4. User has no right to interfere in the programming code, to get unauthorized access to a computer system to receive, without proper authorization administration, access to database user’s games or materials from the site, use a software error, and obliged to report about of them to the Administration.

5.2.5. User has no right to disseminate information aimed at getting illegal password access to system participants, and distribute links to sites with such information.

5.2.6. The user is obliged to treat with respect to other users, namely not to post material, openly contrary to public morality and personally offensive to the community of other players, moderators or administration, incitement of ethnic or international discord; do not use profanity, threaten violence and physical violence outside the System; not distribute in any way material that promotes or expressing opposition or hatred toward any religion, culture, race, nation, people, language, politics, ideology or social movement; not transmit any information or software that contains viruses or other harmful components; take any action which is contrary to law or international law; not advertise porn sites, drugs and resources with relevant information, as well as perform other similar actions.










5.2.7. User agrees not to engage the Administration or the defendant-respondent for any liability and costs associated with the violation of this Agreement by User or other persons using its user name and password, or related to use of the Service or the Internet, or connected with the placement or transmission of any message, information, software or other material on the Internet by User or other persons using its user name and password.



5.2.8. If the User has received from the administration of unwarranted message (spam), he should immediately notify the representatives of the Administration.

6. Rights and duties of the Administration
6.1. Administration provides free of charge user access.
6.2. Administration can provide a alternative service charge, a list of which is determined by this Agreement or its annexes or \ and additional contracts for the sale of service. The procedure and terms of use paid service defined in this Agreement or \ and additional contracts for the sale of service.



6.3. The Administration agrees not to disclose intentionally information about the User, provided during registration, to third parties except as required by law, and not to change the login and password without his consent.

6.4. The administration does not send users unsubstantiated e-mails or other reports.

6.5. The Administration is not responsible for any technical failures and system outages, for temporary failures and interruptions in the lines, other similar failures, as well as for the operation of the computer from which the user performs an Internet connection. The administration also does not provide any guarantee that the obtained through the Service Software or any other elements do not contain viruses or other harmful components.


6.6. Administration is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using or not using information about the User System.

6.7. The Administration has undertaken to ensure the serviceability of software used to receive information about the transfer of funds.

6.8. The administration has the right to unilaterally reduce the system account of the users of any bad faith actions of the User, which led to an unreasonable increase of its system account.


6.9. Administration shall not be liable to User for the actions of third parties, including other users.
6.10. The administration has the right to remove or edit any content posted by users on without prior approval from the Administration or not contemplated by this Agreement and other agreements with the Administration.


6.11. In case of breach by User of its obligations under this Agreement, the Administration may at any time apply the sanctions that are expressed in the prohibition to use the system user, or use it for other methods of influence: warning, temporary blocking using the System, the requirements for damages compensation and other actions.



6.12. In case of breach by User of any provision of this Agreement, amendments thereto or \ and an additional agreement for the purchase of the Service, the Administration has the right to refuse the further use of the Games.

6.13. Administration has the right to unilaterally and at any time to limit, extend or alter the quality of services without prior notice.


7. Special conditions.
7.1. The administration does not warrant that the software systems is error-free or will operate without interruption.
7.2. Administration is not responsible for any loss or other damage incurred by User in connection with the actions of third parties.
7.3. The administration reserves the right to remove from its servers any information or materials, in the opinion of the Administration, are unacceptable, undesirable or in violation of this Agreement. 
7.4. Administration has the right to unilaterally and at any time change the terms of this Agreement. Changes take effect after their publication on a website or from any other time fixed by the Administration.
7.5. The administration has no control over the information, services and products that are in or offered through the Internet. Consequently, the User accepts the condition, under which all goods, information and services offered by or accessible through the Service or the Internet (except those expressly designated as provided directly by the Service), provided by third parties who are not connected with the Administration. User accepts full responsibility and risk for use of the Service and the Internet. 
7.6. The administration does not provide any warranty on any goods, information, and services, delivered through the Service or via the Internet generally.
7.7. The administration will not be liable for any costs or damages directly or indirectly resulting from such deliveries. User accepts the condition that he accepts responsibility for assessing the accuracy, completeness or suitability of all opinions, assessments, services and other information, the quality and features of the goods provided through the Service or the Internet generally. 
7.8. This Agreement is governed by international law. Disputes arising from this Agreement shall be settled by negotiation. In case no settlement in the pretrial order, it is submitted for decision in accordance with the jurisdiction determined in accordance with the legislation, unless otherwise stipulated by international law. 
7.9. The use of additional (paid) service systems on the basis of this Agreement in the manner specified in the rules of the System
7.10. Paid Services can be purchased only by persons authorized the Administration to implement these services. User shall bear all risks associated with its acquisition of any services in violation of the rules and conditions as specified in this Agreement. 

8. Entry into force and duration of the Agreement

8.1. This Agreement shall enter into force upon acceptance by the user on the site by selecting it and clicking the User options "agree" (or similar option) or from the direct users completed electronic registration form. User agrees that his choice of the above options means that it is preconfigured and fully read the terms of this Agreement and accepts them without any exception.



8.2. An agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time.
8.3. Administration has the right to unilaterally withdraw from this Agreement and cease providing services for System using without payment for damages to the prior notice of termination of the Agreement not later than 1 month. Informing can be made by publishing this information on the site



8.4. All changes, additions and annexes to this Agreement or any other information are an integral part thereof and shall be binding from the moment they are published on the website, unless otherwise stipulated by the Administration.
8.5. This Agreement is made in Russian and acceptance by the parties confirm that fluent in Russian.
8.6. Contact information:

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