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Performing tasks

The user in the menu "Tasks" displays the entire list of tasks that need to execute him. He selects the task from the list and clicks the "Accept" - on the server automatically fixed start time. The user can close the browser to the system and work on the task.


When the task is done, or you need to switch to another task, or simply stop working - the user logs on and chooses the action that he wants to make to the task. And click on "Apply" button, and the changing status of the problem and the server records the end of the current phase of work on the task.


These simple steps allow you to build reports in the future, as it was recorded the time - how much the user has spent on the task. Tasks can be set aside and reopen them again, transfer to other statuses - testing, for revision, approval, and so on. The user can simultaneously work with only one task. If he wants to do another task - he must stop the current task. All actions are recorded and the user can see what he's been busy for a certain period of time.


This algorithm allows control of run-time, generate reports for users, or the total project.

This system allows for time to have a flexible work schedule - for example, easy to control whether the employee has worked the required number of times a day, week or even for any period. And from these data to draw conclusions about the effectiveness, labor, etc.

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