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Projects management

You will be able create and edit projects, assign managers and executives, add a description and set the avatars. Also it is possible to change the project type (Ordinary / Mega / Vip) to specify the priority while sorting tasks. Each project has a separate file store, where you can keep the supporting documentation, archives, images and so on. Access to these documents in the repository are only those people who are connected to the project.


The project manager can assign executant, testers and observers. Artists and testers can take to perform tasks, observers can only monitor the implementation of tasks. For example, observers roles could be taken by the customer's representatives.


If the project stopped - then you can close it. In this case, all related tasks will disappear from the task list for users. Project reports data will not be displayed too. But if it will be necessary to resume work on the project - it always can be recovered. All information and tasks will be available again. When you close the project, all information will be stored, no need to pay for closed projects.

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