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What is purpose of this system?What are the "Projects"?What is the advantage of creating multiple projects?How to configure user roles?How to operate with the tasks?How many tasks at once can be done?How to insert images and files to tasks and messages?What are the stages of the work on the task?Why do we need Observers?How to see what tasks engaged employee?What are the different reports?Why you need a message?What is the "Proposal"?How to change the settings site?How to edit text on the front page of the system?How to enable language support?What is a "feedback form for the project?"How to set up sending notifications?Why do I need encryption?How to add documents to the project?Why specify the employees' salary?
What is purpose of this system?

The system is designed for tasks setting and monitoring their implementation.

What are the "Projects"?

The project - this is an detached group of tasks with same goals. Each project has the project manager, which creates a tasks, selects performers, dates and monitors their implementation.

What is the advantage of creating multiple projects?

Within the project there is a strict delimitation of rights - access to the information of the project, documentation, file storage and tasks can have only those employees who are involved in this project. At the same time within each project there are other statuses for users: project manager, executant, inspector and supervisor.

How to configure user roles?

While creation project system administrator selects users from list and assigns manager for current project. Now these managers able to add employees to current project and set role for each employee. So employee can get the executor, tester or observer role.

For any task or message can be attached to images and files. To do this, when creating or editing a task, you must click on «Images Manager» in the toolbar. In the new window to download the files you want to insert into the text.

How to operate with the tasks?

The user comes to the task, on which he wants to work, and clicks "Accept". Now he can even close the browser and work on the task. Once the task is done, or the user wants to postpone the execution of the task - he comes in and the current task select the appropriate action - to postpone, made to clarify and more. These simple steps allow you to automatically record the time work on a task - and the data obtained are based a variety of reports - productivity, labor, and so on.

How many tasks at once can be done?

The user can only work on one task. If he wants to do a different task - he must stop the current task.

How to insert images and files to tasks and messages?

For any task or message can be attached to images and files. To do this, when creating or editing a task, you must click on «Images Manager» in the toolbar. In the new window to download the files you want to insert into the text.

What are the stages of the work on the task?

 When the employee gets the task, he starts dealing with that. He can suspend (postpone) the work, forward the task accompanied by his comments to the manager for the clarification. When the task is done - it is transferred for testing. The tester checks the implementation of the task, and if an error is found he returns the task back. If the task is done correctly it is forwarded to the manager who set the task. The manager may close (finish) the task or return it back to any stage of the work with the task. Each stage of the problem can be accompanied with comments. All stages and comments can be seen in the history of the work on the task.

Why do we need Observers?

The observers - are registered users of the system who have access to these projects and have access to all information on the project - to the problems associated documentation. But they have no right to interfere in the process - only to monitor compliance.

How to see what tasks engaged employee?

To view statistics on the users need to use the records in the block "Administrative Tools"-> "Statistics on users"

What are the different reports?

"Statistics Project" - a report in the context of projects to users - what tasks each user is involved in this project, how much time it took the implementation, the total information by day, week, or for any period. If you are the salaries of the user - it also shows the cost-effectiveness, based on elapsed time of each employee.
"Statistics on users' - a report in the context of users. What projects are shown engaged in employee what the problem carried out on projects, how much time spent on tasks, displays detailed information or the total daily, weekly or for any period of time.
"Statistics of execution" - an interim report that shows employees what did you do during the day, what targets are met and over what is currently running.
"Attendance" - Attendance record - when they came to work and how much the finished work. Compares the total time spent at work and effective - time spent directly on work on the tasks. The report is obtained for any period of time and for any list of employees.
All reports can be exported to Excel.

Why you need a message?

The message system is needed to exchange messages between users. Messages are built on the principle of conversation - a conversation when the stored sequence, such as in Skype. At the same messages can be attached drawings or files, select text. It is also possible to set up notifications by email and icq when you receive new messages.

What is the "Proposal"?

For projects that have the opportunity to resolve dismiss comments and suggestions. This function is useful for public projects. To provide feedback, people can enter the company's system to the menu item "Errors & Suggestions" or use the feedback form. Here he leaves his wishes or bug reports. Also, a person has the opportunity to attach screenshots or files. As soon as the message will be sent, the project manager is notified. On the basis of the communication project manager can create a task and assign the performers or send it for review.

How to change the settings site?

Change the site settings, users can group "administrator." For the site, you can specify the company name, upload a logo, a description of the cover page, set up alerts to indicate the language, time zone and date format. Also in this section are specified group of users - administrators, editors, news editors, and the company articles and more.

How to edit text on the front page of the system?

The text on the front page of the system changes from the item "Edit start page." The text on the page can be specified in different languages ​​- for that selected the desired languages ​​in the site settings, and then all text system - news, articles and text on the home page will have additional tabs selected languages.

How to enable language support?

For your convenience, all news, articles and text on the homepage, you can specify multiple languages. To do this, select the desired language from the list in the site settings, the tab "Languages​​".

What is a "feedback form for the project?"

For any project can be generated online form and place it anywhere. For example the project site. Now for the site users will be able to promptly report the bugs or their comments directly to your web site and these messages will automatically appear in the current project managers.

How to set up sending notifications?

In order to enable sending notifications about new challenges of the communications necessary to the administration panel go to "Options Site" and add the necessary types of mailings - by email or ICQ. Notification to the ICQ is specified with in the same account settings. In addition, each user can set himself which way he wants to be notified, in what format, and so on.

Why do I need encryption?

All data can be stored in encrypted form. This projects, tasks, users, files and documents for projects. Encryption is automatic for cryptographically strong 3DES. The very unique key encrypted passwords of users. Therefore, even with physical access to files, decrypt them will be impossible. In this case the user does not makes no difference when working with the system - encrypted data or not.

How to add documents to the project?

The list of projects is enough to open the link "Downloads" and appear standard panel for working with files. Here you can download any files, rename, and delete, create folders, move files between directories. However, access to the files are only those users who are connected to this project.

Why specify the employees' salary?

When referring to salary reports appear an additional amount for the financial costs of the tasks, the total amount of cost in the context of tasks, projects and employees. The data obtained further help evaluate and optimize the financial issues.

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